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12 Plants For Your Bedroom To Help You Sleep


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Added by N.Morgan in Health
Tags: Health, Sleep, Plants

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  • cloudy Added Humans find it difficult to sleep because their Thinking/Thought-Processing is Running Amok. There are 2 realms to Thought, namely The Feminine or “The Past” and The Masculine or “The Future”.

    The Feminine is EVERY human‘s “Parallellism” or Emotionality, aka “Subjectivity”. This realm is Of The Past and is therefore “Depressive”/”Inactive” in nature, being Of Worship, aka Blind Acceptance. That of “Masochism”.

    OTOH, The masculine is EVERY human’s “Serialism” or Material-Intellect, aka “Objectivity-Projectivity”. This realm is Of The Future and is therefore “Aggressive”/”Active” in nature, being Of Saviourship, aka Blindly Rejecting. That of “Sadism”.
  • cloudy Added Like it or not, Gross-Femininity and Gross-Masculinity are both Blinded/”Mesmerised” by Thought, EVERY human being born without “Thought”. If true, and It Is The Truth, Thought/Thinking is alien to EVERY human.

    Whenever a Thinker, of which humans are the only ones, Animals & Vegetation being generally Thoughtless in nature, projects to The Future, he is trying to own/”possess”. It is benevolent to realise that Human Intelligence [HI] is NOT Absolute/Real Intelligence [RI]. HI is actually having the ability to project to The Future. That of Analysing, Plotting & Planning.

    ANY human who projects his Thought towards Controlling/Owning/Possessing is actually trying to own via “Soothsaying”/Gambling. that of Gaining An Advantage via Imagination.

    The Past is Dead and The Future has yet to be and is therefore akin to The Dead. Whenever a human “worries”, he is trying to predict/”own” a future event. A “Dead” Activity because a “Winning Gamble” is merely the latency of Its ”Losing Gamble” , The Perfect Gambling occurring when there is neither Gain nor Loss. If true, and It Is The Truth, one might as well not take the risk in the first place.

    This is because ALL gambles will end as a Loss due to The Human Gambling Conditions being Imperfect at best. One reason why Control Freaks will fix a Gamble when they are able to. The joke then is that whenever a human is under The Influence of Thought, ANY Behaviour is Inconsistent.

    For example, Control’s sole duty is to “liberate” Its “Other Half”, Abandonment, Control-Abandonment being The 2 Faces of The Same Coin. Other “Tethered-Diametrics” are “Anger-Guilt”, “Greed-Fear” leading all the way back to “Masculinity-Femininity”. That of The-Future-vs-The Past. Realise it nor not, Thought is merely The Past struggling with Its Future in perpetuity and futility trying to ascertain whichy is The Present. That of “Relativism” trying to become Reality, Insanity being when The Insane are “successfully” posturing as The Sane.

    In ending, Thinking-About/Trying-to-Own The Future is what causes “Insomnia”, aka “The Galloping Attention”, aka “Thought Running Amok” whereby Thought keeps interjecting imaginations into one’s “Attention”. In order to neutralise that state/”condition”, try to be in The Present. Like making a cup of Tea, Singing a Song, Going To the Loo, or even Planting a New Shrub. ALL without Thinking About Eet. If possible.