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17 More DISTURBING 9/11 Facts You'll Wish Weren't True - Pt 2


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In honor of those who lost there lives AND for those who are STILL LOSING their lives because of the poisoned air they had to breath in the days following the attack!

Bill Cooper's Death:
http:/  / ed8nov01.shtml ilton_William_Cooper

List and Sources:
17. Ground breaking for the construction of the Pentagon
16. Fireproofing upgrades _turner.html
15. Turner construction and wtc fireproofing upgrades: anup.shtml
14. Once the cleanup of ground zero was fully coordinated, the operations were consolidated under two primary contractors: AMEC construction management and Bovis Lend Lease. id=28499 09/09/rebuilding_the_worlds_largest_office_bu ilding
13. The Bush Administration was so resistant to the idea of launching an official investigation into the events of 9/11 that it took over 440 days after the attack to get the investigation started…and this only happened after independent groups put massive public pressure on the Government to call for an official inquiry.
12. Key members of the 9/11 commission including chairmen, Lee H. Hamilton and Thomas H. Kean openly admit that the 9/11 commission was “set up to fail in MANY ways,” citing lack of funding, insufficient time, commission members with serious conflicts of interest and cover ups. mmissioners-didnt-believe-government.html The 9/11 Commissioners concluded that officials from the Pentagon lied to the Commission, and considered recommending criminal charges for providing false statements
11. Before noon on Sept. 11 at the New York Air Route Traffic Control Center, in Ronkonkoma, N.Y., about 16 Air Traffic controllers met in a basement conference room known as the Bat Cave and passed around a microphone, each recalling his or her version of the Tragic events of a few hours earlier. p:// pe07.html air-traffic-controllers-made-on-9-11-was-dest royed.html

10. General Wesley Clark.
9. Petrodollar and Saddam ditches Dollar for Euro:  /0,9171,998512,00.html

8. Chantilly Va based National Reconnaissance Office: niversary/wire_stories/ m
7. Lt. Col. Shelton Lankford quote: n/index.php?t22755.html
6. Senator John Kerry admitted that those who brought building 7 down did it in a controlled fashion

5.   The first episode of an X-Files spin-off called “The Lone Gunmen,” which aired March 4, 2001, (7 months before 9/11) _%28TV_series%29
4. How secure is the Pentagon? ecEmerg.pdf
3. The Washington Post reported Wally Miller, “It looked like someone took a scrap truck, dug a 10 foot ditch and dumped trash into it.” After arriving on the scene, Miller said, “I stopped being coroner after about 20 minutes, because there were no bodies there.”
2. Passing the unpatriotic Patriot Act.
1. William Cooper: *** (This is NOT and endorsement of the teachings of William Cooper)

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