22 Year-Old Goes OFF On Obama On TV
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22 Year-Old Goes OFF On Obama On TV


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  • John Added It's very true that Muslim 'moderates' are really radical. Pew Research Polls have proven that the MAJORITY of 'moderate' Muslims either sympathize or support using violence against innocents or to achieve advancing Islamic goals. Don't people get what's happening? In Europe Muslims will become a majority in a few decades, and then elect Muslims to power and establish Sharia law. Why are we allowing the very fabric of our country to be given away to Islamists? Do we really want our children growing up under Sharia law? I wish we could split the country in 2, and let all the liberals, free loaders, and immigrants live together, and the other side hard working Americans, no Muslims, and all those who love true freedom. Then watch the liberal side go to ***.
  • Carlos Added She's awesome,,, Islam is INCOMPATIBLE with democracy! People wake up and demand our elected officials impeach our Muslim president for his blatant treason and disregard for our laws and cons***ution.

    She's exactly right about Obama being more concerned about Muslim terrorists than about protecting and honoring Americans! I'm amazed the media is so dishonest and ignorant.
  • Al Banned Added All the incompetent, corrupt criminals running our government has to offer the American People are lies and false flags. *Don't fall for their lies and false flags*. There are some amazing changes on the horizon. The Event is a paradigm shift, spiritually, consciously and physically. People need to prepare themselves, inform themselves of these coming changes (www.prepareforchange.com). Tyranny and corruptions will end. A prosperous and healthy way of life awaits us. Those who are awake and aware need to help wake up the ignorant ones. *Changes requires the Peoples participation.* Wake Up and Be Aware!!!
  • eric Added commander and thief
  • Phite Onn Banned Added the reason people have become radical is because the USA keep bombing their countries. You are a 22 year old bimbo
  • ussgreen Added If there were downvotes Id give j adams there a few
  • John Adams Added Expel the Muslims and the conspiring traitorous JEWS to the ***ing SEA