300 Shot. 17 Injured Press Silent
Before It's News video
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300 Shot. 17 Injured Press Silent


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Added by Voice of Reason in Politics

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  • Einstein Added Obama has an IQ of 115, he is not the smartest dictator we have had. Why wouldn't they use a real m*** shooting? We know most have been staged but there is no reason to not make the most out of a real one.

    Remember the jew mottos. By deception we make war. Never let a good crisis go to waste. Last but not least, the leader of all jews stated: Give ue the power to create a nation's money and I care not who creates their laws.

    Just ask your congressman or senators if they signed "The Pledge"
    I guarantee 99% of them did and they owe their worthless souls to the Synagogue of Satan.

    Then you do the hokey pokie and you turn yourself around, that's what its all about.
  • Jurycom Added What did you say? Could you be a little (really, a lot) more specific? It is amazing that you have such talent but do not speak clearly. Take out the humms, you knows, likes, etc. and speak clearly. You'll get your message out a lot better and people will admire you.
  • Erik Added Trump? Didn't he donate a lot of money to the Democratic party, especially when Hillary was running for president?
  • FookdisSheet Added when I click on a video I expect for it to play not to have to go looking for it
    last time for
  • Dick Buttkiss Added So i bet you are going vote for trump???