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Best UFO Sightings Of June 2012, AFO


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Here comment:
You want to know the truth about aliens? You must understand they have the
ability to travel far distances across space. They go explore, looking at
other planets and observing them. In the same way you would go on a road
trip or vacation but more closely similar to explorers. Imagine the
universe as seen from their point of view. You go out exploring or go on a
trip. You hear about an area largely populated by violent, disgusting
creatures who have no common goal but instead only care for themselves.
They live together in the same place but they all worship colored pieces of
paper that they slave over in order to obtain things. This over attachment
to this form of currency causes them to kill, attack and steal from one
another. Despite this currency holds no real value, they have stacks of the
same exact thing spread all over their world, almost like it’s trash. They
often fight over petty things like beliefs, the color of their bodies and
land. Some of these creatures have been known to do horrible things such as
eat or rape their own kind. They slaughter other creatures that are
inferior to them. They rather waste resources on items they don’t need or
weapons, which they use to kill each other. This attention to creating
useless items and weapons means they lack the technology to leave their
world. Should you get close, they’ll attempt to destroy your vessel and cut
you open to explore your insides. They will use your vessel or learn the
secret to travel, in which their evil will no longer be contained.
Now… would you land and say hello? NO! Face it, Earth is the ghetto of
the universe. Roll up the windows and keep moving. The day Earth has peace
will be the day the humans are wiped out.

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