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Dante Kali Das: EDUCATIONAL REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING Reverse Scripting Subliminal Scripting


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Added by Dante in Conspiracy


One of my Better Educational Videos with Illustrations! For people dealing with RNM.


This gets into many different points and explanations. A few "tests" for people dealing with RNM as well. Good tips also- KEEP A JOURNAL if you are dealing with "voices".
Gets into how a "mix of sounds" throws off this Techno, it throws off the A.I. the "recognizer", but this idea that "sound mixes" (like the sound of a party and all of the voices) and "white noise" is effective for stopping "voices" what have you, is actually MISINFORMATION, I get into "why" and explain it.
How people getting LOUD are "silenced" many times with this technology, how they end up "disappearing" due to Techno. How it works many times, what is done, and again with illustrations. It is all about "reverse scripting" and "subliminal scripting" THESE ARE THE "SECRET WEAPONS" OF THIS REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING, WHAT MANY DO NOT KNOW ABOUT.
I know of this and have been studying it because I am dealing with a psychopath (think "Hannibal" with Techno here! Absolute nightmare...) and she has been using it non-stop, heavily and extremely, she has not been subtle here, as a result I learn and make the most of my heavy experiences and share it with others! Naturally I study what is going on and learn, I do not just be a victim! Share this knowledge with others by all means.
As a result of this woman's extreme behavior I learn very much about this Techno, and in regards to this "Reverse Scripting" (where you are forced to wear Techno Viewpoints and Techno Emotional States which benefit your perpetrators or serve their purposes) and "Subliminal Scripting" I have had no choice.
This is what "Freeda" has been misusing very much for tricking German agencies and agents. It is what she and her officers have used for doing a cover-up! Naturally I have studied this and learned as a result of my experiences and observations here.
As a point, you see that many people dealing with this Techno many times start to believe and say "crazy things"- this is many times "Reverse Scripting" done to them to portray them as crazy and to steer people away from them- TO NEUTRALIZE THE TARGET. They have Techno-Viewpoints shoved in and ones which are "nuts", and which they "believe", and in reality it is their perpetrators doing this to them, to steer people away and to discredit the Target. It is all Reverse-Scripting and Subliminal Scripting.

November 13 2012 1:00am
Special thanks to Ramon who was an inspiration here in regards to doing this video, and he does not even know it- but if you come across this, your illustrations were an inspiration and lead to this video... Hope this video is a help!!!
Corrections and Points Below.
Hope the whole Michael Jackson thing is not too much for people, but this was one of the things I grabbed at in my mind to see what results I got- non-sensical and random. The results were funny, the Spooks I deal with even came back with prepared responses to nonsense like this afterwords and over time...Many times funny results to very many different things. Self-amusement and making the most of a horrible situation while still learning.
Your aura is electromagnetic energy, an electromagnetic field, bubble.
Android phones and Artificial Intelligence to be a permanent thing. A good thing?
How about people dealing with RNM? What do you think?
Technology is out of control, I find it scary that our phones will ALL one day be A.I.....
One day everything will be all A.I: I am already living the dream and many others are also......,

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