Defend Medical Ethics To Fight Infection And Save Lives
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Defend Medical Ethics To Fight Infection And Save Lives


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Added by Maya in Health


Its ironic, humanity is facing a mortal enemy that surp***es our own Intelligence. A tiny a living microorganism that has indeed, brought us to our knees. It has learned from us, adapted to us and now, exploits our genetic vulnerabilities with lethal precision. Sadly, "He who dare to speak up, are ridiculed, humiliated, ignored, threatened, dismissed and often ostracised by people in power, helped by members of our own profession".

Yet the death toll mounts; while our addiction and greed toward over enthusiastic urge to encourage consultation, perform tests or procedures, hospitalisation and antibiotic misuse - escalates at alarming rates.

By not guarding antibiotics and defending our medical ethics, we allowed nurses to prescribe, chemist to sell without prescription, use them to fatten chickens and treat animals. Now we have lost a very important drug that helped us fight infections, made advances in medicine possible, perform surgical procedures, transplants, IVF and save millions of people.

Pharmaceuticals companies, Medical device manufacturers, People in Power in UK and USA and some doctors rejected our advice and licensed nurses to work as "Doctors" in UK. The result of this callous at***ude is very obvious, yet the Health Secretary and Leaders our profession continue to support this "Un-Ethical Medical Practice" that has inflicted pain and suffering to fellow human.

I hope this video will help members of my profession to shun their ego, share their knowledge, information, communicate, and join hands and help us stop this "Un-Ethical Medical Practice" that has brought us shame and made us loose "The Human Face". Knowing the future of our profession and our very existence is threatened by tiny micro-organisms, we must must shun our ego and help support one another to fight a battle that we may never win.

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