Demonic possession caught on tape compilation Secret 18+ Real Exorcism of scary Cases
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Demonic possession caught on tape compilation Secret 18+ Real Exorcism of scary Cases


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Extremely Creepy Cases Of Demonic Possession Demonic possession is considered by many to belief systems of spirit possession of an individual by a malicious emily rose molly hartley real demons preternatural beings, commonly known as Demon held. include descriptions of obsession often erased memories or personalities, seizures (ie seizures or "fits") and impotence, as if you were dying. Other features include access to hidden knowledge (gnosis) and foreign languages ​​(Xenoglossie), drastic changes in the vocal intonation and facial structure, the sudden appearance of injuries (scratches, bite marks) or lesions and superhuman powers. Unlike in channeling, the subject has no control over the holding unit and it will exist until forced to leave the victim, usually by a form of exorcism.

Many cultures and religions contain some concept of demonic possession, but the details are very different. The oldest evidence of demonic possession are ashipu called by the Sumerians, who believed that all diseases of the body and of the spirit of "disease demons" called Gidim or gid dim.The priests caused that exorcisms were practiced in these countries (Magician ) as opposed to a asu (physician), the applied bandage and ointments. Many cuneiform clay tablets contain prayers to certain gods for protection against demons to ask, while others ask the gods to expel the demons that have invaded her body.

Shamanistic cultures believe in demon possession and exorcism Shamans perform. In these cultures are diseases (called loose or demon) is often attributed to the presence of a vengeful ghost in the patient's body. These spirits are often the ghosts of animals or people harmed by the carrier, the exorcism rites consisting mostly of respectful deals or offerings.

considers Christianity that possession derives from the devil, that is, Satan, or one of his lesser demons. In many Christian belief systems Satan and his demons angels will actually like.

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