"Demons" on Camera: Strange Attacks Happening Worldwide (2016)
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"Demons" on Camera: Strange Attacks Happening Worldwide (2016)


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Added by Christopher Watson in Unexplained


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WHAT IS GOING ON? strange attacks zombies end times demon possession world news bible prophecy

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  • Everette Added Jesus dealt with demon possecced people in his day ! Not to also mention they brag that 1/3 of America is already chipped . The chip hooks up to the satellite and runs frequencies that alter your mind . They can also send messages to you . And read your minds because of the frequencies your mind gives off when thinking . They can also make holographic images that seem real to you . So I believe between the NWO chip and demons or devils we are headed for great problems . When we pushed GOD out of America it all began . God is your only hope in this type of matter . The bible says as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the end when the son of man comes . In Noah's day every thought was evil according to the bible . The devil reigned then . Once he is cast down to earth his time is about to run out . He will go ramped and crazy ! The bible says wow to the inhabitants of the earth because the devil has been cast down and has great wrath . People you have not seen anything yet ! It's going to get much worse . Why because we no longer have room for GOD in America . The devil now has right to fill in the gaps .