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FBI Admits Hillary Investigation Is A Fraud


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David Knight asks why the FBI ran a fake investigation on Hillary Clinton.

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  • Delfin J Beltran MD Added The Democrat Party has been Socialist under the subtitle of Progressive since the 1920s. Following the 1924 Progressive campaign of Robert LaFollette the workers sugested to campaign manager Edwin Witte,that they join with the Socialists as their philosophy and goals wer the same.. Witte refused as he believed that the Progressive movement and power would disappear. Wittte then became the Bill writer for Wisconsin until 1933 when FDR called him to DC to from a group to write an Old Age Insurance Bil and a Government Healthcare Bill based on Kaiser Wilhelm's takeover of the German healthcare. When these wer presented to the Democrat controlled Legislators they responded tha the public was ready for Old Age Insurance, but that introducing Government Healthcare would expose the fact that the Democrat Party was not democratic , but Socialist politically.. Hillary failed in her attempt to get Socialized Medicine ino law just as Truman failed. Unfortunately the Socialist movement of the Democrat Party has succeeded in converting the training of educators into educators of socialism by downgrading individualism and focusing on groups and classes that can develop prejudice and disagreements that result in societal destruction and the success of Socialist politics as the provider of 'wants/security. With a fraudulent President ignoring Christian founding principles as basis for Constitution and Law Socialism has now succeeded in societal destruction ripe for Socialism and paternalistic government. Is the public ready for all the government benefits including employer and wage source like Cuba's $24/ month?
  • Jeff Earls Banned Added we all know why they did not ask -- Hillary Rectum Clinton and that FBI clutter butt are all about the cover up because soon they would have to indite Obama