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Full Story: Victoria Sharp's Eyewitness Confirms FBI Thugs On Murder Rampage...


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But you shouldn't be surprised, it is a pattern. Listen carefully to this 18 year old's testimony. She was in the midst of the Burns, Oregon ambush on the Bundy group.

Federal thugs controlled by criminal government factions peppered about 120 shots into the Bundy's vehicles of which a young Victoria escaped alive to give this testimony. Anyone that was in the same car as Victoria should have been dead with the kind of high powered "***ault weapons" wielded by the FBI and police. Some turn of events, we may never know, stopped these thugs from killing everyone in that car - and a key witness was saved alive. Can you say the FBI or the Feds slipped-up? but not on account of their own hands? Can you say miracle?

Full Article: oria-Sharp-Eyewitness-Confirms-FBI-Thugs-Murd er-Rampage.aspx

I want to warn each and every one of you - social media such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. are all built on a database and ***ociated application. In that database is a language call SQL. It is used everywhere in business. Using a combination of this language and other programming languages such as C# (which is standard on Internet Information Servers), we programmers can precisely control and configure how much "news feeds" you can see - even by individuals and by topic.

This means, there is an appearance that news is being shared and widely shown but the reality can be that news is programmatically filtered so you only see a limited percentage of a particular topic. This is very easy to do. I have suspicion that powerful social media outlets, due to their political views, will do this. Infiltration by criminal agents from government factions into social media outlets will make matters even worse.

I think all of you should know this and the only way to combat this on social media is to MAKE A DILIGENT EFFORT TO SHARE A CRITICAL STORY EVERYWHERE YOU CAN and as MUCH AS YOU CAN ! This can work against any filtration algorithm (at least for now).

This is the frightening reality we live in because almost all of you out there go to the mega social media outlets for most - if not all - your news on a daily basis. Make sure you have a handful of independent websites you rely on also.

I hope you will stay tuned to SolomonsPorch.TV for critical news updates and let others know too.

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