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Geoengineering - David Keith Interview on Colbert Report


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Added by Harold Saive in Alternative

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  • Britt Added Actually I would LOVE to have this become common knowledge and have a thorough worldwide conversation about this! The more you talk about it, the more you reveal how INSAINE this plot really is. There aren't REALLY any pros to this. You admit it is a poison that kills people. You admit that IF there is any benefit at all, it will only benefit the current generation and we will still have to cut carbon emissions. In other videos I have seen, you admit that it ALSO would require the use of aluminum. You admit that you have done NO studies on the effects of this aluminum on human health. You admit that it would essentially be "free riding on our grandchildren" aka: cause more problems for future generations in the long term than it would solve for the current generation in the short term. You admit that this idea is not new. If anybody thinks that they have known about this since president Johnson (1963-69) and have not already begun using are naïve.

    One thing I have NOT seen him talk about is the effect this would have on our ability to grow ORGANIC food, as it surely would reduce the amount of light available to plants. Aluminum also blocks nutrient uptake, as do many synthetic fertilizers. While I am sure Monsanto already has an abomination in the making for this, I am not interested in eating GMOS that destroy the health of all sentient beings and has SERIOUS environmental impacts. I have the right to grow my own organic food and this would be a direct attack on that.

    Your assertion that there is no other way is dead wrong. If we stop harming the ecosystem and ensure that we keep plant life and forests protected then that is a step in the right direction. A healthy ecosystem is the first line of defense. Everyone knows forests are essential for taking in co2 and emitting oxygen. I'm sure there are many great scientists who already have the answers to this problem.

    Secondly, may scientist believe that the earth HAS been warmer in the past than now. Many assert that until the recent warming, Earth has previously been cooling for the last 2,000 years. This could very well be a natural Earthly cycle. imate-WARMER-Roman-Medieval-times-modern-industrial-age.html