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Glyphosate poison


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Added by jeff in Health


Taiwan has just recalled Quaker Oats oatmeal for being poisoned with Glyphosate - as the US keeps it on shelves...

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  • jeff Banned Added More information on Glyphosate Poisoning = Cancer and disease:
  • jeff Banned Added yes I had 3 big box's of quaker oats, and sent it to the landfill, toxic cancer food.
  • insider Added The entire anti-glyphosate hype is a complete nonsense story: it still is one of the safest pesticides in the market. The much-quoted IARC report that named glyphosate as "probable carcinogenic" in fact labeled it at the same level of "carcinogenicity" as working as a hair-dresser, breathing normal air, or sitting in front of a log-fire. If everybody who still voluntarily drinks the odd glass of beer or wine (confirmed carcinogen, endocrine disruptor and reproduction toxic of a level that would have taken ANY pesticide off the market decades ago!!!) would get realistic and stop screaming about glyphosate, it would become a lot quieter in the world again. It is a relatively small group of anti-pesticides activists that are creating a worldwide glyphosate scare, for...... what exactly? Their own sense of feeling right, feeling important. "Because we can". There's nothing wrong with eating organic food, and avoiding pesticides and GMO's. But don't pretend that it is because of "scientific evidence" etc... It is a feeling, a belief, almost a religion. And there's nothing wrong with that. But like with all religions: don't try to impose it upon others!!!