GOARMY Independence Day False Alien Invasion Exposed Code & Gotthard Tunnel
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GOARMY Independence Day False Alien Invasion Exposed Code & Gotthard Tunnel


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This video proves the false alien attack the birthing of the NWO New World Order of Satan 'alien' to the Body of Christ.

What is being disguised as aliens are really the creatures from below, Sheol aka Hell that are coming with the locusts out of the bottomless pit aka CERN. Gotthard tunnel was opening ritual ceremony. All telegraphed within this satanic kabbalism sacred geometric numerology.

The 7 of 8 Kings is just an observation , nothing concrete and it has no relation to the Bible's meaning. Just a ritual observation of the enemy. Notice the 23 / 32 coded.

1 2 pattern observed then immediately following we get:
02 B C
322 clearly coded.
1 2 2 Coded.

122 BC - The code points to May 1st Beltane rituals which is also the May 1st 1776 date illuminati was formed AND

The Gotthard tunnel ritual connection through Swiss Alps with Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus (consul 122 BC)

He is most famous for constructing the Via Domitia (cir. 118 BC), connecting Rome to her provinces in Spain. Constructed along an ancient trading road, crossing the Alps by one of the easiest passages, the Col de Montgenèvre.,

Clear as day relations from freemasonic/illuminati New World Order (NWO) with May 1st Beltane rituals, the Gotthard Road Tunnel connection in Swiss Alps the opening CERN ceremony from Hell.

GOARMY video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuIRAEZw-Mc

Reagan's UN United Nations ALIEN Agenda in 28 secs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ep4VGoHYK0k

"they" want the population to unite after the "aliens" aka demons from the pit are unleashed under false "Love" to accept the antichrist. Imposing the mark of beast system.

Rev. 9

Apologies for the audio feedback , it's the best I got so far.

Please run to Jesus Christ's loving arms NOW! TIME IS UP! Thank you Jesus!

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