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Added by Archbishop Ron Feyl in Unexplained




Richard welcomes a Targeted Individual (TI) to the show to discuss a criminal undergrounds use of high tech microchip implants for mind control and the organized stalking of their victims.

GUEST: MICHAEL FITZHUGH BELL tells a true story of an innocent man becoming the unwitting target of a secret criminal organization using high-tech weaponry, microchip implants, and mind control on its victims, leaving no evidence.

The organization is covert, highly organized, well-funded and uses the latest technology. This heinous, unconscionable crime has gone global—and rapidly has become a huge national problem.
Author, Michael Fitzhugh Bell is drugged, abducted, raped, and surgically implanted with illegal microchip implants; all done without his knowledge or consent. Michael is tracked, stalked, and tortured, 24/7—and physically burned remotely with directed energy weapons which most people don’t even know exist. His every thought and feeling is being read in real time by his perpetrators via GPS and current cellular satellite systems, making him, quite literally, a human piñata. Michael must prove his crime to the police and a judge before his attackers erase his memories and murder him.
This story goes one step beyond Dr. John Hall’s own chilling tale of organized stalking by proxy. It is the author’s personal account of being electronically stalked and surgically implanted with micro-electronic transmission devices. It is the story of Michael’s uphill battle with doctors, lawyers, police, F.B.I., C.I.A., and a secret, global criminal union operating above the law. Beginning in Hollywood, California, Michael’s journey towards resolution will take him around the world—Madrid, Spain; London, England; Patagonia, Argentina; North and South Carolina, San Antonio, Texas; and back to southern California.
This book contains medical evidence, M.R.I. and ultrasound images, all clearly showing non-therapeutic /tracking torture devices. Surprisingly, these devices are legal and are available for purchase by anyone on the Internet. They are known as psychotronic weaponry; combing the words psychological and electronic.
Despite the most determined efforts to destroy him, Michael remains optimistic and focused, relentless in his pursuit to find his way out this never ending terror and nightmare of a labyrinth which has become his life.


Richard welcomes a Archbishop and Chief Exorcist of the Catholic Ministry to discuss demonic possessions, poltergeist activity and the symptoms of personal hauntings and how the clergy and exorcist investigators deal with the problem and may be able to help.

GUEST: ARCHBISHOP RON FEYL is the Presiding Bishop & Chief Exorcist of the Order of Exorcists since 1981: The Order of Exorcists is under the Independent "Old" Roman Catholic Jurisdiction of The Sacred Order of Saint Michael the Archangel, Independent from the Vatican in Rome. The only connection is the "Dominus Iesus" issued by the Roman Catholic Magisterium in the year 2000, signed by Pope John Paul ll on June 16, and Joseph Cardinal Ratizinger on August 6, which states: "The churches which, not existing in perfect communion with the (Roman) Catholic Church, remain united to her by means of the closest bonds, that is, by Apostolic Succession and a valid Eucharist, are true particular churches."

From the early 1980's Archbishop Ron Feyl has been involved in a not so popular ministry called exorcism. He was trained by many exorcists over the years who were his mentor's and former bishops. With over 36 years of experience he established an Order of Exorcists within the Independent "Old" Roman Catholic jurisdiction of The Sacred Order of Saint Michael the Archangel.

Because of the increasing requests for exorcisms the Order of Exorcists is recruiting seminarians, priests, and bishops from any jurisdiction who are interested in becoming an exorcist for their jurisdiction. We also welcome Christian paranormal "lead" investigators who have their own team and are willing to be trained in demonic investigation and assessments.

They are available by appointment for demonic investigations and assessments for exorcism, house blessings and other religious rituals.

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