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Homemade Solar Water Distiller - turns dirty water/saltwater into clean drinking water! - how to DIY


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Added by Cassy in Self-Sufficiency


how to make a solar water distiller using only a bowl, plastic wrap, rubber band a cup and a rock. easily distill seawater sal***er and dirty water. makes water fresh and clean. cost me $3.00 to make three of them. the 3 small distillers made 1/2 cup of fresh water. i think if the plastic wrap was at a steeper angle the production would be doubled

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  • ody Added We always used it during camping and when there were no water around, so we built a drinking water made of dripping water captured by tent
  • Michael Jandric Added Black metal bowls would be a good idea. Heating the water and bowl prior to putting them out in the sun would speed up the process I ***ume. Having a catch basin something like those beer mugs that contain water that you freeze upside down in your fridge and adding some neutral barrier like a cozy to keep out side and inside temperatures separate by several degrees. Thanks now I shall expand on this idea. This principle I have seen used on tree limbs as well by wrapping plastic around branches with leaves in the sun and collecting the run off in the morning.