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Leaked Video Of 12000 Year Old Anunnaki


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Added by William Tell in Unexplained


On the territory of Iran ( Persia ), they found artifacts that can completely change the present understanding of the history, culture and technology of our ancestors, The artifacts discovered by accident, when building a house.
The builders found an underground mausoleum built 10-12 thousand years ago, with three sarcophagi. The first five books made of the skin of animals. Second with no analogue control system and psychophysical protection mausoleum. The third with the imperishable (sleeping) body of the greatest in the history of mankind spiritual Hierarchy, As it turned out, the person is not a mummy, and sleeps in a deep sleep anabiosis. A person can wake up and make contact. Telepathic contact with it already installed, if people with bad intentions look at the sleeping man they may die. Later, it just happened. Two out of three workers who entered the mausoleum, and that seems to have bad intentions, incomprehensible to the people around way died on the spot, and the third is in a deep coma and raves, said that they were attacked by a huge snake. Information about the place is kept in strict confidence. Point of books contain information not only about the culture and the past of the peoples of the earth, but also the technologies used by our ancestors. Not far from the location of the sarcophagi an underground city with lots of books has been found ( via ). READ MORE:

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  • DENNIS BURROW Added This video is complete bullshit. While the count is correct and the faces have a strong likeness, the so called tumb and the body is fake. Allow me to tell you why I say so. First there are no Anunnaki. The entire theory is from Zacharia Stitzchen. (I misspelled his name and could care less) He is a puppet that was allowed to concoct the story for a couple reasons. The first reason is to explain the many ruins of past civilizations. The second reason and this explains the prior reason is because at the end of cycle sets of The Deities mixing incarnate the earth is rearranged in fury. What would mankind think if they knew that after x ammount of years the world would either flood, volcaniclly explode and continents would shift and be different. They would lose it. So the cover up of bullshit was placed. If you are having a hard time believing me just compare the Enuma Elish tablets to a world map. Another reason is because religion is mostly bullshit too. The characters are real be it Jesus, Satan David, Daniel, Abraham, but they are all incarnates which began to cycle in this set in Sumarien times which began with Enlil & Enki and Tiamat. Each role post such as Marduk are incarnates of the same Deities. Now lets add the real reason for a bogus story. Craft! It is why Enlil thought mankind was evil and flooded the earth. It is also why Jesus was murdered PREAWAKENING! Jesus was a real incarnate in the Creator incarnate roll. However, Tiamat and Satan are comfortable ruling the world because there is a goal and payoff. They have been controling and enslaving mankind with craft since day one. It allows them to feel better than The Creator and sadly they have all of you believing the same. Everyone feels they are better because they have and practice the communication with Them Gods in their own rite and have the same knowledge as the Creator. But they do not! They cannot even tell the truth and live a complete false front to hide their illusion of power in craft. Jesus did not die for the sake of your sins forgiveness. He was murdered to hide craft that he would have awoken to had he not been killed first. The story is for the most part Satans alter ego. It is how he sees his (or wishes his front to be) kind self. His public image if you will. However, both He and Tiamat operate from a wounded place. They have a need to be better than much like a little brother to the oldest brother. But in truth both Tiamat and Satan are evil to the core. Power hungry, lying, beings that love to kill. Moreover they love to kill even incarnate family members and create personas of their rivals to manipulate you the craft working public to kill for them. There are times when disease is manifest in there opponent by them and not mankind, which leads to death. This serves them well because they can then act as the hurt family member who mourns for the lost sibling. Thisvis the twisted aspect of them and craft which damages mankind too. The story of Enki being the good God for saving the race is a twist too. Enlil hated the lies of craft, the killing, and total disrespect of him by mankind in their loyalty to Enki (Satan) and Love for Tiamat. Another lie about Enlil is the story of going to the Halls of Amenti for raping a woman. He went because he condemned Tiamat to the halls because she would not stop lying and the evil. In today's era the Craftlics call her Mother Mary.....the mother of God. See the arrogance. In truth Mary and Mary Mandolin were craft workers who were responsible for the murder of Jesus by turning the public on him. This is truth. Every single one of you is a craft worker. Every religion which its purpose is to worship them publicly and keep mankind under control, feeling they will never be as good as God, and for the the power of money. The Pope is a God Damned fraud! I can say this with total assurence too. Every religion there is, even the Hari Chrishna (sp) all worship them through craft and thecstoryvis the same. They just change the names. However the stories are the same in defendants which are only cycles. Water, wood, stone, metal, and light....craft. Step into any Craftlic church and yiu will see the story of this event completion in the stained glass writtenvin scribe and Tiamat and Satan with modern day names Like Gina Zillges, Haleigh Zillges, Harry Cavanagh Sr. and Jr. Diane Abert, Karl Abert, Dave Anderson and Lucy. And finally Kathy Burrow and Dennis Burrow 5463. The problem is this for all you loyal craft workers Kathy Burrow and Dennis Burrow following the death of her brother Billy Cavanagh at age 16 on Christmas day (craft induced) in 1971. Both Dennis and Kathy were and are The Creator Incarnate rolls. Sadly, like Jesus, Billy, and my mother, she was killed pre awakening. Harry Cavanagh Sr. Had blocked both my mother and I. She never knew who or what she was. I began awakening in December of 2013. Dennis Burrow is not Jesus Incarnate he is Creator Incarnate Dennis Burrow 5463. In 3 years time I have awaken to reading scribe, all the mechanics of craft though I do not practice it, all the lies of the bible and religion. The true location of the Halls of Amenti and the truth of what they are and of my many incarnates as Enlil, Abraham, Thoth, Daniel, David and Jesus. It is from the resonance of those past walks that I have been able to know more then what any of you have been learning since birth. Actually pre birth. The lies of this world sicken me. What hurts me more is that every single one of you know it though never speak of it and live the dilution. Christians in service.....palms to the air, watter bottles at their side and the service announcements on white paper tucked somewhere though exposed. The preference is in the left hand. So when I see bullshit like this I get very very angry. I have been blocked the majority of my life, Stabbed on two different occasions, electrically shock tourtured for 5 hours straight, poisoned for 9 month with no results so it was given to Dave Anderson wich killed him in 6 days! Everything I once loved has been stripped, and I have been forced into homelessness and cannot get a job even at McDonalds becsuse I am nit a craft worker and of the lies you all have been fed causing you to hate a person you dont even know. But you all will smile and deny it and position yourself to dump your hate (silently) touch me, hand or give me something, with a curse attatched, or even worse tell on me with the reflection of the paper or a instant trip to the bathroom. Not one of you can tell the truth yet you feel you are better then me? It is that mindset which caused Enlil to flood the earth. My house cleaning womill be Yellowstone. I challenge any one of you to prove me wrong. Please see my Facebook page and watch the videos and thousands of uoloads before you do. Thank you for allowing me to stand in the truth.