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Living Velociraptor Dinosaur Caught In Africa By Locals; Pteranodon Caught On Camera On Same Day (Se


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REPUBLIC OF CONGO – An amazing discovery has been found in the Jungles of Northern Congo. It is being reported that a live Dinosaur was captured earlier today by local residents. The astonishing image below shows the beast being restrained by rope. The capture was quickly followed by the sighting of, what appears to be a pteranodon—a large dinosaur-era bird who was believed to have gone extinct about 75 Million years ago. A local amateur photographer, named Deborah Kidiaba, was able to catch a few photos of the giant bird(see below). “It was huge, it must have had a 20-25 foot wingspan. It was very far, but could be seen perfectly because of its size” says local resident and witness Antoine Muamba. The Pteranodon was spotted a few hundred miles away from the location of the dinosaur capture.
The astonishing image below shows the beast being restrained by rope. Scientists from all over the world and Africa have been studying the photograph and have concluded that the dinosaur is a Velociraptor—which was believed to have gone extinct 71 Million years ago.
Source" caught-camera-day-see-photos/

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  • Neil Added Fake clip off of jurssic park
  • Billy Added Looks more like a gallimimus to me
  • ausan Added That looks like a Emu with a tail to me..Velociraptor Dinosaur does not run like that..and the body frame and head are different..fake
  • john murphy Added oops, wait til his crew find out, lol !!??
  • Sasquach Added That video is from when dinosaurs ruled the world on discovery channel back about two years ago
  • pravat Added It needs to be corroborated by other new channels
  • Buddy Added How do you say Emu or Ostrich. The photograph looks more like a monkey with a long tail.
  • Marshall Added It looks like a prop from Jurassic Park.
  • Mimi Added Bull shit would be cool tho
  • Rc coala Added OMEg! A actuel DINA!!!!! sor e