New BLM Standoff With Finicum Ally
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New BLM Standoff With Finicum Ally


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  • tatonkapark Added where are the constitutional sheriff's?
  • Sandy Added I stand with the ranchers and Sheriff.
  • Coco Added It's time America wakes up tot he damage the demcorats have done to our country!
  • Chandie Bartell Added The Operative System- Is a system where radical environmentalists hijacked the BLM, USFS, and USFWS and infiltrated every federal land/resource management agency. These agencies no longer perform the duties of service to "We The People" as they were originally formed to provide. Instead you have radical environmentalists manufacturing science to politically remove and terminate the livestock industry, timber industry, mining industry, and this has also spread to recreational access industries, campers, and sportsmen. They're managing lands that were supposed to be lawfully put into multi-use so the counties in each state could have an economy based upon the resources of those lands. These lands were NEVER supposed to be managed as wilderness areas. Please look at the Wildlands Map and it explains how this has been an agenda that has been silently shoved under the radar of the public's conscience, and unless you are a rancher, miner, logger, outfitter, access user that have lost your rights to use those lands or resources under multi-use laws, you wouldn't know about this. Most of America is just starting to awaken to what is actually happening to the Western states and their communities being forced into poverty, and the urban people will eventually be impacted as well. Please google the Wildlands Map.
  • Alan Added I know some ranchers whose permit is in Sierra National Forest and John Muir Wilderness that Forest Service Cussed out and tried to fine because some hickers and backpackers (I think it was around 100 complantes) that their trip was ruined when they camped and there were cattle in the meadow. The only problem was THEY HADN'T TURNED OUT ANY STOCK IN THREE YEARS! Yet it was still the stock users fault. Give me a break.
  • Nancy L sarver Added My HEART goes out to these Ranchers! I'm in WV and this breaks my heart what they're dealing with! WIsh I could do SOMETHING, but at least Sat March 5th I hope the Feds see how many people NATIONWIDE are PROTESTING about this and this government's OVERREACH of their "powers", especially the BLM!
  • Voice of Reason Banned Added Utah Sheriff to BLM: “I Will Deputize EVERYONE and Arrest All Federal Agents!” (Video) -