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New Urgent Message Issued to Christians By Perry Stone! A Terror & Prophecy Alert About Whats Ahead


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Added by Lisa in Conspiracy


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  • Peter Piper Added "North America Republic?" Are you SERIOUS? The United States IS a Republic. So now all nations in lands North America that are above the equator will be republics? That's great. So I'm ***uming that the US will no longer be a democracy but we will get back to our original REPUBLIC? Hoorayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Gino DiSimone Added are you thinking about what you are reading, Lisa? I like you, but in your line of work, you need to emotionally disengage to a large degree. I am not saying emotionless. I am saying level headed emotion. When you were reading about the common NA currency from Perry stone, you completely skipped a line when reading, yet you kept reading as if it were the same sentence. Go back and listen. You will be much more legitimized if you kept your opinions out, or perhaps insert them at the end and fully cl***ify them as your opinion. The point being, stick to the story/facts during the body of your presentations and opine at the end. While sticking to the story be sure you are thinking about what you are saying because in this clip, where you skipped a sentence, yet continued reading as if the meaning was coherent -- but was not --, you come across as ranting. Please do not take this as negative. I want you to improve so you can grow in your work.