Obama is Going for a THIRD Term
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Obama is Going for a THIRD Term


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Added by Voice of Reason in Politics

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  • Voice of Reason Banned Added https://www.youtube.com/c/RightWingConspirator
  • John Added Bring Hillary to justice! Hillary for Prison 2016!
  • Mike Banned Added Gary, at least 90% of Americans are brainwashed from the public school system and the Talking heads, on TV they brainwash people by showing movies where all the people comply . Your giving society to much credit.

    Now take down the grid, stop the food supply chain and use some propaganda to control the m***es, they will all run to FEMA camps and turn in any weapons they can find for food and shelter.
  • mark Added Read the Obama Antichrist prophecies... it does not appear as though he will be leaving the White House! http://revelation12.ca
  • Eyes Only Added Everyone should do some research on Larry Nichols. He was the head linchpin for the Clinton's until they back stabbed him. He has been quite vocal in sharing this same message. The question we should ask is do the Clinton's have enough clout to throw Obama under the bus?
  • Gary Fowler Added I just don't see it happening. There are a lot of politically ignorant Americans around, but there are more than enough of us who know that presidents don't get third terms these days. Even the mainstream media has been ***uming all along that we will have someone new in the Oval Office in Jan 2017. Just the mention of an Obama coup would cause fright at first, and then anger, particularly from people such as Michael Savage.

    Even if Obama did try to pull a Castro and declare martial law, he might be able to clamp down on a couple of big cities. The feds simply do not have the manpower for martial law nationwide, not even close. And all the millions of privately held guns would come out, too. People would descend upon the White House like they did at the Brady Ranch,

    That's the purpose of the Second Amendment, folks. It's to keep wanna-be tinpot aspiring dictators like ObaMao from taking over.