Paul Kidds End Times News 1/20/2017!
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Paul Kidds End Times News 1/20/2017!


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Added by Paul Kidd in Politics


Here is the daily end times news! May God bless you From A Retired Marine Recon & Infantry Doc! Semper Fi! Also May God bless all my true Christians friends and non christians who come here to serve Jesus, watch what He Gives me to share and share it with others. Anyone else who comes here to show they live for the devil by posting anything other than what the video is about, join me in praying for them to find Jesus instead or serving lies and satan! I always ignore them and actually feel really sorry for them :( May God bless you my friends!

Pray this prayer sincerely to know your saved
Jesus, I believe you came to earth, I believe you died on the Cross for my sins. I believe you rose again on the 3rd day and went back to Heaven to prepare a place for Your Children To live with You Forever . Please forgive me of my sins. Clean my heart, white as snow. Come live in my heart, make me a child of the King, a new creature in Christ, in your precious Name I ask this...amen.
Do these things after praying the Salvation Prayer:
1) Get a King James Version Bible and read it daily, it will feed your spirit and soul, the way you feed your body with food and water.
2) Pray to Jesus Everyday. He is your NEW Best Friend and He Wants to Talk with you daily.
3) Make sure you find a christian church and get water Baptized, dunked under water, if you have been sprinkle baptized in the past it does NOT count.
4) Pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit, "Sanctified". You do this by praying, reading the Bible and living for Jesus.
5) take your King James Bible to church. When the preacher speaks, make sure what he says matches your Bible, it not, get up and walk out and find a new church.
6) ***VERY IMPORTANT*** Make SURE you REPENT of EVERY SIN you do now, ask Jesus to forgive you with an honest heart and He will.
***If you would like me to pray with you or for you for ANYTHING, please message me and I will add you to my daily prayer list. May God bless you

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  • Concerned christian Added Since joining this website, I am struggling to watch your videos. The get stuck every few seconds, take ages to load, and sometimes cut out completely near the end. Sometimes it takes 30 mins to watch a 2min video. It's very frustrating! Is anyone else experiencing difficulties?
  • Paul Kidd Banned Added Amen Talkie my friend
  • Paul Kidd Banned Added I am glad your here Philip my brother! Help spread the word about me here. May God bless you and as always all glory to Him!
  • talkieful1 Added I know, every time you hear of an earthquake where you never heard of where it shouldn't happen. The will say HARRP did it. Like everything is MAN MADE. Think not. GB.
  • Philip Lewis Banned Added I'm still following you here. I hope you get more followers/subscribers. You are one of the few who actually tell the truth anymore. Keep up the good work. We will fly soon!
  • Paul Kidd Banned Added I will Rick my brother
  • Rick Schiffner Added You speak the truth. Please pray for me and Canada.