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Planet X Nibiru the Shocking Scientific Proof


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Planet X Nibiru the Shocking Scientific Proof

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  • Carla Added The previous post was one of my first ever , have read many posts before by others on many sites over many years, and seen the sheer anger and frustration of the closed minded , (or possibly it's true and they really are paid wages), don't know how they can spend so much time online otherwise, but that's just an observation / question !! So come on you so called shills, where are you ? rip the *** out of the truth!!! Let's play
  • Carla Added We'll said Teresa, as a child growing up in uk I remember every bride wanted a June wedding because it was guaranteed to be beautiful weather but not uncomfortably hot. Aka the beginning of summer, we now have summers that begin in August if we are lucky, short sleeves in November, impossible years ago, you would have suffered hypothermia ! Climate change, formerly known as global warming till the powers that be realized it wouldn't wash is nothing but progressive taxation that doesn't appear in the budget, just like all these fines they invented, give the population something to debate and they will always lynch themselves, yes tax the corporations people said, without a thought for the fact that they would be the ones to pay, but it also gives an explanation for the kooky weather if you don't really think about it, so it serves two purposes, I picked a dandelion in flower the other day, first week of January, this is always possible in a cold frame of course but not natural in the middle of a field in January in the uk, one volcanic eruption can potentially cause more co2 to be released into the atmosphere than the global population could produce in a whole year and they are erupting all the time, if a caldera erupted there would be no summer next year, if you want to know what is going to happen in the future you only need to learn about the past, so it doesn't take the brains of a rocking horse to work out climate change is a fabrication and something else is going on
  • JohnAle Banned Added I wish we had reply ***on
  • Teresa Added I have believed in planet x for yrs because its biblical, aka, wormwood! Noone believes me but they' ll believe some stupid theory the gov't gives about climate change! We live in a blinded society!