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Planet X Nibiru Visible in Australia


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Planet X Nibiru Visible in Australia, New evidence shows planet-x system. Before Its News Readers caught photos of planet x in this video earlier this month. Evidence suggests that this object (Planet X) has come through our galaxy on a science based timeline that reveals and corresponds to biblical prophecy that has never been understood before, till now.

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  • CynMor Added I have a picture just like this!! I took it in 2017. The scary part is, that my picture is clearer, with the illusion that it is closer.
  • Cr4ckH34d Banned Added @End of This age I too have seen this in my cellphone lens. I don't know what it is in this video but, When I, on my part, photograph the sun, I get a second son type of glitch in my pictures. Lens flares I was told they were. This planet might be actually coming, but if it's that big, I trust we will be able to see it with our naked eye soon enough as it will be bigger than the sun, also, amateur astronomers will rush the web to let the world know. Unless the elites block off completely the internet with th ekill-switch some governments have already put in place.
  • JohnAle Banned Added @Alian b***tard!
  • End of This Age Added Lens reflections and lens flares and Sun Dogs. That's all I've seen on YouTube videos since I started looking in 2011. So it's 2015. Looks like NeeBeeRoo hasn't moved much in 4 years!

    At this rate, we're ok for another 50-to-100 years, I suppose. (Grin)

  • alain basstard Added Whereabouts in Australia was this sighted ?