Pleiades ship camouflaged by cloud! Slovakia.
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Pleiades ship camouflaged by cloud! Slovakia.


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Space is extremely complex and multi-layered living organism. Let's start with the Pleiades. At a level consistent with our current vibration perceived as the Pleiades star cluster, which consists of about 1,500 stars. Pleiades is a star formation, located relatively close to the planet Earth, approximately some 400 light-years. The Pleiades are a very young star system and sell some 50 million years ago there existed the stars of the Pleiades. At the physical level, this is a very dynamic stellar formation, which consists of giant stars, so-called brown dwarfs - stars, tiny, no bigger than our Jupiter. Some of the stars of the Pleiades emit strong X-ray radiation. The space between the stars is filled with clouds of hot dust particles. At the physical level, there is in the Pleiades anything resembling earthlike planets. This does not mean that the very young star system is not filled with life.

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  • Anthony Added Well past The Oortus Cloud, yes?
    Leftmost quad?