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Right To Protect Freedom


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Added by Voice of Reason in Politics

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  • brad Added I'd be wiling to be this guy has several nato tours under his belt. Perhaps total hypocrisy
  • Jay truozi Added Great video brother. And your words ring true the planet over. We aussies are going thru the same injustices as we speak.
    We must rise without fear!!!
  • Voice of Reason Banned Added https://www.youtube.com/c/RightWingConspirator
  • Robert Added Ok Lets Do it!

  • Bob Yorgason Added Now or never people !!!
  • Private Banned Added Our union Sir. is now dead. Our constitution is dead. Our laws are manipulated like our "free Markets" we live in a time of lawlessness and criminals as legal leaders. Our Country is no more. Our military has no desire to honor their oaths , instead we are a country of cowards only good at taking orders from the same criminals who are destroying our country. Furthermore the Zionist Neocons have destroying everything YOU swore to protect, We the people can now only look to putting our bodies and the bodies of our children to the hands of suffering and death because YOU failed your duty.... Sir.
  • Jim Added Oh, and I forgot to mention that the video will be saved WITHOUT the 'Before It's News Video' watermark/overlay.....So you can re-post it to your YouTube as a clean, unmarked video. =)
  • Jim Added To download this video, go to http://en.savefrom.net/ , paste this url into the "just insert a link" area: http://video.beforeitsnews.com/videos.flv?vid =27f9e20c3 and then click the right-facing arrow (or press Enter on your keyboard) to download the video in .flv format.
  • Robert Added I new there were more like me. I am not alone! Thank you! God Bless America!
  • Just Me Added Thank you so much for this video. My voice is out there pushing Americans to find out about our history. Knowledge is power, but sadly spoon-feeding is not working. I am an optimist, however, and I keep on keepin' on.