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The Elite Are Hunting Children for Sport While Morphing Our DNA


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Dr. Ted Broer, owner of Healthmasters, has some stunning revelations on tonight’s show.

Tonight’s show, from 8pm EST, will be filled with mystery and controversy. Do not let your children listen. Dr. Broer joins Dave to discuss how the elite sacrifice children, hunt them for sport and engage in child sport hunting in a manner reminiscent of the Hunger Games movie.  And this is not even the most controversial aspect of tonight’s show. Ted will reveal how the elite are using our DNA as a communication device. It is all tied into the Smart Grid and chemtrails and weaponized cell phone towers.

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  • Billy S DuBose Added Really? We have children supposedly being hunted down for an Elite sport, and you spend several minutes talking about your show scheduling, and another several minutes talking about your sponsors......and then several minutes BS'ing.......yeah right! Anything real would have been immediately discussed like any emergency broadcast!
  • Private Banned Added Mexico is a dumping ground for US problems . The Mexican Gov Needs to Build a wall to keep Satanist Americans OUT !!