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  • W.b. Added I watched the video about the convex earth.

    Experiment 1: The images with the high powered telescope still show the hull of the boat is not visible (Fraud).

    Expeiment 2: The images they can see at great distances are mountains (Fraud).

    Experiment 4: 7.8 meter 95% GPS accuracy (about 30 feet). The researchers are looking for a variance that is smaller than the tollerance (fraud).

    Experiment 5: The hight of the water in the dam would be at the same altitude at any point. Thier experiment is based on a false premis (fraud).

    Due to the fraudelent nature of the above experiments we will not take thier word for it that the math and the execution of the other experiments are accurate.

    One guy on the video says that we cannot trust what we are seeing through telescopes (all those round planets).

    “Gravity does not exist”. Yet Newton’s formulas work including this one:

    The force of gravity is directly proportional to the product of the two masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance of separation.

    Newtonian physics correctly explains the motion of the round planets around the round sun.


    According to the video, the earth does not rotate. Therefore it assumes that the sun, stars, and all the planets are moving every 24 hours around us. They admit that the issue with lack of sun sets during part of the year near the poles are unexplained.

    Apparently the observable does not match the theory. You should check out the language for yourself (last 15 minutes). Perhaps the sun does not exist or it is a different reality (I kid you not).

    Earlier in the video we were told that lower altitude satellites move about the somewhat flat surface of the earth like the motion of circling helicopters. Geostationary satellites… Well, they don’t explain how they stay there. Both types, we are told stay up there due primarily to the earth’s magnetic field.

    We also learn that there is an undiscovered continent they are sure exists. They found dust an pollen to prove it (again, I am not kidding).


    The helicopter terminology was mine but check out the animation an explanation starting at 1:10:57. By the way, the surface of the flat earth is supposed to be surrounded by a high wall of ice (Antarctica?) so I guess that is why you have to have an undiscovered continent. You would need to explain all the Ice within the arctic circle. There must be a continent beyond all the ice.

    I would like to hear the physics of why there is a high wall of ice around the edges. I sure that would be simple in comparison to how the entire universe moves every 24 hours in relation to the non rotating planet.


    According to the demonstration with the half sphere lens placed over the picture of the convex earth which is supposed to represent the dome of atmosphere over the earth, The day / night cycle is accomplished by the sun moving in a circle over the earth.

    Air makes a poor lens du to having refractive index of only slightly over one as compared to glass with a refractive index of about 1.5. Air could never distort the image of the sun as shown in the demo but even if it could, the sun would need to be extremely close (thousands of miles, not millions). Also the sun would appear so large it would take up a huge portion of the sky at high noon. Perhaps more than half. Last of all the image would be to out of focus and distorted that details like sun spots could not be seen.


    Then there lunar eclipses.

    The full moon is on the night side of the globe and the sun is on the day side and the shadow of the earth temporarily covers the moon.


    Geostationary Satellite:

    There are satellites that orbit the earth that are in a low orbit and take 90 minutes or more to make a complete orbit. The higher the altitude of the orbit the longer one orbit takes until if the orbit is high enough it takes 24 hours for one orbit. If the otbit is eqitorial (around the middle of the sphere) then you end up with a satellite that appears to earth based observation to not move as if hanging

    on nothing (sky hooks?).

    Anyone with dish / satellite tv knows about this.


    Spins like a top…

    If you live above the arctic cirle you know all about having weeks during the summer when the sun does not set. It just apears to move sideways around the horizon while those of us further south still get sun rises and sun sets every day. yep. The earth is sphericle and has a wobble as it spins like a top. Tops wobble to.


    My personal favorite is Jupiter. The big red spot goes round and round due to the rotating of the large spherical planet. The red spot has been continuously observed for 188 years, since 1830. gif


    The gently swaying Foucault Pendulum in the W.M. Keck Foundation Central Rotunda has long been a visitor favorite since the building opened in 1935. One of the largest such devices in the world, the fully restored pendulum is actually an elegant scientific instrument which demonstrates the Earth’s rotation.


    The Coriolis Effect

    An effect whereby a mass moving in a rotating system experiences a force (the Coriolis force ) acting perpendicular to the direction of motion and to the axis of rotation. On the earth, the effect tends to deflect moving objects to the right in the northern hemisphere and to the left in the southern and is important in the formation of cyclonic weather systems.


    “Roger That”. And what’s up with Saturn. Rings of Rocks and dust orbiting a flat planet. I think not. Plus you can watch its largest moon orbit with a back yard telescope.


    visualizing the path of an orbiting satellite


    The sun is overhead right now. Shall I call someone in China and ask them if the sun is shining there as well right now.


    Take a trip: round-the-world-in-115-days

    “Circumnavigate the globe on an extraordinary 115-day voyage around the world by ship.”


    speaking of telescopes:

    Jupiter’s moons orbiting Jupiter.

    Jupiter looks rather round.


    A ship going out to sea disappears over the edge in a very short time as if there is a curve,


    By the way, with a sextant the charts and a watch (time piece) set to Greenwich time Mariners sailed the globe. You can do it today. Shove off from the British Isles and sail though the Panama Canal. Sail the Pacific. Go south and then around the cape. Up the other side of Africa and Sail back to The British Isles. I believe George Ure did that a few years back.


    Oh, A Coriolis doubter. There is a gravity doubter who commented also.

    When I drain water in a sink it swirls the same direction as the hurricanes turn.