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Tomi Lehren Destroys Liberal Host On His Own Show


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Added by Voice of Reason in Politics

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  • Kenan Added Its a joke. Trevor is a don lemon clone. Before some idiot feels the need to correct.
  • Kenan Added Don lemon is a little bitch. He's a Cocky little lying cunt. Love to see someone punch him in the mouth.
  • Desmond Added The last time i am listening to Trevor, thanks Tomi for putting him on his place. He is also the last person that should talk down on a President-elect that has worked for what he got even fought his way to winning an election when all the odds were stacked against him. May God bless you all and may God bless the United States of America !
  • americawakeupnow Added Trevor you are a typical Lib without a clue, a rebel without a clue!! Just a polished turd.
  • King Kong Bundy Added Trevor Turd and a half
  • Ross A Lloyd Added That guy is a turd, sorry but that's as accurate as one can get. Is he a card carrying Moslem? Surely he must be. Tomi rules.
  • Bill Added Go, Toni! Wish I had your self-control when faced with such a glib jackass taking cheap shots.
  • BT Added Shut up and let her answer guy, and when she tosses to like salad with facts, quit changing the subject. Logic escapes this knuckle-head.
  • John Added Noah, you are a twat, look at South Africa and ask yourself again if the actions of burning down universities by the #feesmustfall is legitimate protest? Same principle as BLM - there is no need for violent and destrutive protest. This is a group not individuals whose belief system is support by the collective - Tomi you held yourself well and chewed him up. You fought well with the odds stacked against - liberal audience and liberal
  • paul nickels Added fox news should hire Tomi, DT should place her in his cabinet ! You go girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!