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Top 15 Scariest Things Caught On Surveillance Footage


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Run time: 16 minutes. There is a broad range of examples here, from home intruders to ghostly apparitions. I’ll focus more on the events that are difficult to explain. Some of these might be faked, but some of them can’t, and the typical explanation of CGI won’t hold water here either. In number 14, we have the screaming spirit in the hotel room. The reason this would be tough to fake is because multiple people were in touch with one another while the camera was running. A lot of things would have to be coordinated in order to pull this off. The alien abduction in number 13 looks plausible, especially when considering the research I’ve been doing into that field. I wish some sort of official statement were available here. The violent spirit in number 12 is inexplicable by conventional terms. A skeptic could say that the attacker was blurred out, and this might be possible, but I think there would be a lot more distortion in the video as a result. Number 11 is a pretty clear case of a poltergeist. Number 7 is too out of focus to see clearly. I think I remember somebody trying to debunk that specific video, but I can’t recall the details about that. It seems unlikely that Number 6 could be faked. There is just too much going on at once. If these were all pranks, wouldn’t they need a sequence, and could one prank cause another prank to malfunction with all that action going on? Now, the fact that the videographer didn’t leave the house is suspicious. Either this guy has some guts and stubbornness to stay in such a haunted place, like I would, or he calls on the spirit to come in and perform disruptive acts for the camera. Notice that the ghost doesn’t go after the camera itself. That means it knows it has an audience. Also, I would guess that multiple ghosts / demons are present, unless a single ghost has multiple arms to cause such havoc. Will you look at that cutie in number 5? Freeze the video at 11:54 or so to get the best look at her. I don’t think this one’s legit; maybe it’s a transparent slide or picture being reflected. Those crazy clowns in number 3 are so cool! For number 2, search my blog for Elisa Lam, as I’ve put up a number of posts on that strange case. The Nightcrawlers in number 1 are so hard for me to quantify. The claim is made that they’re very tall, but there isn’t anything to quantify that. We have no known objects in the images to give us a point of reference. Think about where the camera would have to be placed in order to catch that angle; up on top of a telephone pole? Even worse, both videos are super blurry. This could have been a tiny set inside somebody’s basement, with CGI or some other animation to create the critters. At times, it looks like a person on stilts, but in other moments, it looks like the balance would be off enough to cause them to tip over. All in all, this video has good entertainment value, so it is what it is.
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