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UFO's Over Myrtle Beach? Crazy Sky Phenomenon Was 'Golden Knight' Night Test Run


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Added by Christopher Watson in Alternative


I just got footage sent to me from the North Myrtle Beach Area that has folks scratching their Heads! This is Info i received..

"I just want to start off with saying thank you for all the work that you do it is highly appreciated. So now to get down to business, my family and I have been on vacation at North Myrtle Beach South Carolina and last night Friday June 3 2016 around 9:30-10 pm, my family and I noticed what appeared to be a meteor/asteroid/I don't know what to call it. In the first video linked it appeared to be falling from the sky and then it stopped in its place, then started to move from the left to the right and vice versa. The first video isn't the best quality but you can get the idea.

After that in shock of what we saw, by the grace of God there just so happened to be a woman who was an astronomy teacher claimed she has never seen anything like what we saw. In the second video you can hear talk of planes dropping fireworks/goldknightparatroopers which does not seem possible. Now there is the second video, and is where things get ABSOLUTELY INSANE.
If this was some kind of show, seems no one was told or aware around the immediate area.
You have my permission to do whatever you want with both videos and information given. Thank you once again. - JM"

It's in my opinion that these lights are being controlled somehow, either on board the objects or remotely. We could also be seeing the first phases of Deceptive Technology.
What this looks to be in the end , is a practice run for a first of its kind event scheduled for Myrtle Beach starting tonight, June 4th. I expect you will see more clips from here :)

Learn More: event-schedules.html

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