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Vaxxed: From Cover Up to Catastrophe (Full Movie)


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Added by Al in Health


Vaxxed: From Cover Up to Catastrophe. Full unedited documentary.

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  • Warren Added Media owned by the same billionaires who own the drug companies who fund politics. Soon they will all be jailed as an act of terrorism. Ban the billionaires.
  • you Added It won't play.
  • Lynda Added Thank God for all of these courageous souls brave enough to speak the truth.
  • Kerry Added I wonder how many of the POS people commenting on this video work for the vaccine company?
  • rabbit Added I find it really hurtful in this movie that it just assumes that having autism is extremely harmful. Autism is not something to be devastated about, people with ASD are still people like the rest of us and totally don't deserve to have their condition treated like it is an extremely debilitating disorder. So many people with ASD are totally great, smart people. There is also no conclusive proof in this movie that the MMR vaccine does cause autism and anyway, who cares if it does? Your child is still your child and deserves to be loved the way they were before.
  • vianineni Added watch it full movie >>>
  • Philthy Added This movie is a pile of shit, what sort of documentary plays heart pumping music in the back ground of its anecdotes for effect? None, thriller movies do that!
  • [email protected] Added My daughters autistic shes 9 years old and very bright brain as sharp as a high tec computer and im not just saying that my comment is to MadelineRose intresting fiction there but i do beleive in two sides for every brain to think !!!! If what your saying was hundred pervent truth n fact wouldnt it be easier to brain wash ur robot child without being distespectful they do as there told most of the time where as my daughter already has her own mind learns most of the time her way what im trying to say is shes not easily LEAD !!!! every single child with #Autisim are not the same there not followers WE SHOULD NEVER STERO TYPE WITH WHAT WE KNOW NOTHINK ABOUT ISNT THAT TRUE ???? Dont get me wrong what i read did make me think but personally living with Autisim i beg to differ with this one paragraph and i dont care where its come from
  • Iggy Added This needs to be addressed
  • Bob Swan Added Sadly the movie kept stopping, which made it difficult to follow and it's taken me nearly 2 hours to watch the first 52 minutes!