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Vaxxed: From Cover Up to Catastrophe (Full Movie)


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Added by Al in Health


Vaxxed: From Cover Up to Catastrophe. Full unedited documentary.

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  • Teacher Added I watched a doc 7 years ago that had the same conclusion but without the inside data. This is obviously government sponsored. Georgia guide stones maybe?
  • d of c Added eeeexxxxcceeellentttt
  • Martha Martin Added Thanks for sharing the truth about vaccines injury!,my story and the history of a lot of family ,hope one they they do something about it
  • Jenifer Added Thank you so much for sharing this video. Truth always has a way of finding it's way out.
  • X Added Thank you for sharing this!!!!
  • Karen Grainger-Allen Added It's Thanks to Dane Wigington that my eyes where opened about these vaxxines ,I can't thank him and others that have given us the truth about the lies we where all fed,and I feel so sad for the parents that did not get this Education about what these Vaxxines do to our children,and the governments should be sued for negligence and coverup and lice .