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Video: Demonic Fairy Captured, Biologist Says Creature Has Humanoid Body And Four Wings


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Added by duy nam in Unexplained


Unknown entity in Mexico. Is it a fairy, a demonic fairy, a completely new creature, an alien settling in on Earth. Or a hoax from a Mexican TV show. Or just a hoax on Mexican TV similar to the hoaxed fairy of Derbyshire in the UK that appeared in 2007 on April 1.
Source: logist-says-creature-has-humanoid-body-and-four-wings-2440304.html

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  • James Pringle Added They filmed it using a potato.
  • skymis Added Totally fake.
  • Bomoni Added There are tons of these creatures they are people who in their past lives who were murderous Earth herself has a voodoo spell that casts all predators souls into the bodies and likenesses of the things they murdered as a penalty (karma)of their violations it is obvious this once human man killed the most sacred creatures on Earth the Dragon Fly. His soul was and is condemned for eternity to be a Dragon creature until the great raven comes along and eats him The goddess Freya was said to have dragonflies as spirit guides.

    If a dragonfly flies across your path, it's trying to tell you something. It's time to listen! Dragonflies can represent the element of air and tthe "winds of change." Maybe they're trying to tell you it's time to leave the old ways behind and move on to a new path in life. Dragonflies also symbolize peace, harmony, and purity..
  • terry Added the human mind is easily fooled , its two dragon flys fighting
  • milo Added There's a reason this was filmed in 180p...
  • Stephen Added i call bullshit
  • Bill Added What are these British people doing in Mexico.
  • LocoJay Added They don't sound Mexican to me. They have a British accent