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WARNING: WORLD WAR 3 in June 2016 | 1.2 BILLION WILL DIE Says Doomsday Prophet !!!


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A man by the name of Pastor Ricardo Salazar has been getting some attention in the media lately for making predictions that we are on the verge of World War 3 with China and Russia. Other prophecies that he has made include that an asteroid will hit the earth and kill 1.2 billion people, the antichrist will appear in 2020, and that the second coming of Jesus Christ will take place in 2023. Is there any validity to his claims? Find out by watching this video!

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New Nostradamus? Prophet claims WWIII to start in JUNE after Europe closes its borders: I-start-JUNE-six-months-after-Europe-closes-borders

Secta "Creciendo en gracia" ahora "Rey de Salem" tiene nuevo "dios" (o "diosa"): gracia-aho

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