Weaponized Cell Towers
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Weaponized Cell Towers


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Added by Voice of Reason in Conspiracy

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  • Richard Scheidel Added I build these towers . This guy is a fuckin idiot. 1 5/8 coax cable won't handle that kind of power.
    It's for signal strength. Stop causing problems with bullshit and scaring people with misinformation.
  • Earp 51 Added Ted you are correct. I built these things when I first started in this business. That cable is hollow coax not electrical cable. After that everything he says is suspect. He doesn't know enough about what he's making a video on to know that those are hollow 1 5/8 coax cable. If he doesn't know at least that after all his supposed research he's a fucking moron.
  • Ted T. Added *ALL* *WRONG.* Magnetrons are NOT used on cell phone towers. Instead, solid state power amplifiers are used at about 100 watts/antenna. There are NO 300KW "power lines" going up to the antennas. 1/2 of the antennas are for receiving signals from cell phones; remaining antennas are used for transmission. Talk about melodrama...
    Large diameter coax is used to obtain MINIMUM SIGNAL LOSS, and *not* to handle 300KW of power.