Whistleblower- Plan To Take Down NWO
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Whistleblower- Plan To Take Down NWO


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Added by Voice of Reason in Conspiracy


Greatest Military Coup Ever Could Now Be Underway on U.S. Soil - http://bit.ly/1Rtnw1T 

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  • Deb Added http://www.freedomreigns.us/ > Doesn't come up. 9CKgps
  • bob Added website mentioned is expired, hmm... anyway, basically the way this argument is set up is to persuade people that there are "GOOD GUYS" with the power to arrest and detain banksters and cabal leaders that built this false fracture monetary system using the "LAWFULL COURT SYSTEM" , that has failed anyone who cant pay for their justice, we are supposed to believe the system will work this one time? we are just supposed to sit back and trust that these guys will do something? yet they havent done anything.. this just another disinformation site
  • FraMar Added THAT'S TWO YEARS AGO and haven't done it yet? Forget this video
  • Einstein Added Well Little Peter, you are disinformation. This has been building up for years and now is the time to arrest the treasonous scum in this government to restore the republic. This isn't a revolution, it is a sweep to arrest those who are destroying our nation, the domestic enemy.

    This will work but only if the military is involved as these criminal cowards are afraid of their own shadow. They will give up without a fight as I doubt any of their hired guns want to die for these cockroaches. If they do, then so it will be, they will be taken out.
  • Peter Added Drake is misinformation. Having us believe that something is being done, when in reality, nothing is being done, giving the NWO more time to implement their plans. GMO's are still happening, chemtrails are still happening. TPP is still happening. Lies are still happening. Traitors are still free. Nothing has changed. Nothing is happening.
  • joe Added wow this will be amazing
  • Ryu Added " video cant be loaded -server or network failed or format not supported

    vid wont play
  • nunya Added no problem w sound here
  • Y8SKG Added NO VOLUME.....