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Will Americans Tolerate Politicians Who Pay to Kill Opponents Supporters?


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Added by Voice of Reason in Politics

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  • Tim Hogan Added Your not giving any solutions , your just peanut butter on the problem. This is an old swamp of criminals who pretend to give a fuck or to be someone who cares about making things better is just another elitist evil prick . Grow up !!! s entire world is a fraud and a scam for everyone but the elitist millionaires and those who they buy with paper money they print . Your vote means NOTHING you huge idiot
  • Gabriela Added Our nations are ruled by evil people who marry and control everything as huge conspiracy of elitist insane egomaniacs . To listen to this man talk about Soros and Clinton or the left or right paradigm is as mindless as these selections sold to you as election. I hope civil war comes soon, I'm ready to kill allot of evil people who have been a cancer to this world before I was born . Trump Clinton it makes no difference our problem is much bigger. Anyone with a million dollars in an account is your problem . Anyone who belong to a elitist power group is our problem. Anyone who feels they need to sacrifice others for their survival is our problem. Anyone who needs to form clubs, religions or powerful groups to control others is our problem . Anyone who needs to belong to secrete society and sacrifice children is our problem. Anyone who peddles MOB RULE Democracy is our problem. Anyone who takes a paycheck to protect and serve criminals in power is our problem. Its a nasty swamp there is no easy fix , It must be drained or this experience is HELL. If you want to really shine a light pal why don't we discuss how to imprison or kill these nasty evil people ruling the word .
  • Voice of Reason Banned Added Will Americans Tolerate Politicians Who Pay to Kill Opponents Supporters? (Video) -
  • Anan Franks Added I don't know what's worse , the world we live in or people like you who try to justify or comprehend this madness . Our planate is a runaway train , the end results is obvious. To sit here and try to understand this insane world run by legitimatized criminals or to choose a side over evil A or Evil B is equally as disturbing . What's clear to me is mankind will not reach its golden age again. We will hit he reset button again and start over with religious crazies leading cavemen again. Humanity is a failed experiment. Luckily we have a built in self destruct sequence no need to worry. Society has restarted many times before . This is why our past and our history is so shady and incomplete , we just keep self destructing only to start over at the hands of the guru religious insane who lead us to all the previous destruction in the past . If there is a GOD ... he's one cruel demented SOB. Its clear to any rational thinking person the elite are the only ones who go underground and survive to start over as they enslave mankind over and over. You really have to be indoctrinated to believe any of this is normal or to believe these elitist in power will lift one finger to make anything better. Chaos is their brand, its how they stay on top to enjoy a fruitful experience at the cost of enslaving everyone else . They have been doing this since always. I don't expect anyone reading this to understand. Your software program you use to think and reason was downloaded, created, and installed by those who sit in power to rule over you like property, What's yours is the debt and suffering they create for you to swim in your whole life.
  • Norman C. Added One can only hope this world will soon be destroyed, AGAIN It seem humanity is a slow learner. This is such a short life, it seems incredible we spend most of it running around like headless chickens. From creating complex meaningless structures to evolving meaningless technologies . Our food and water is now poison thanks to those we trusted to lead the world over a cliff . Our air is so polluted its almost game over for humanity. Our education is full of lies and our lives are nothing more then debt to king pins. Growing up I never imagine those people I trusted around me were nothing but wolves dressed as sheep. Soon even our water will be so poisoned we wont be able to drink it . My heart is saddened by so much evil around me. I see no hope for humanity , just a slow painful death of despair. Its really true we only have 2 camps to choose from : The religious crazies in power or their evil creation The Satanic crazies now taking over their insane system called society. I hope the young generation is quicker to spot this insane fraud they call life before they grow to old to do something about it .
  • Dead Man Talking Added AMERICA will go along with anything and everything, From murdering and sacrifice to slavery and satanic rituals . Americans are lost zombies there is no hope left for the country its a little late. The entire world is run by insane people, those with any real talent will never be given an opportunity to make anything better. To be honest between the religious maniacs and the satanic maniacs there is very little reason to want to stay in this world . I'm 52 and I cant wait to die, life is a shithole of criminally insane assholes who are praised for their madness. We are educated and controlled by insane criminals from birth to death so what's the point of any of this ? This earthly experience has been polluted by insane maniacs .