Monday Night Football National Anthem
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Monday Night Football National Anthem


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Added by Voice of Reason in Politics


The Explanation you won't hear ANYWHERE tomorrow...

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  • Mike Cooper Added "AMERICA's TEAM" MY ASS
  • CelticCat2015 Added I don't care if owners and players 'take a knee' 20 minutes before the start of a game or 20 minutes after a game. A football game is not the place for a political show of racial "unity" and "equality". Do it on your OWN time and 'dime', not on ours.

    Your feelings of 'oppression' don't seem to extend to lowering your pays to a more realistic level so prices can come down for the rest of us. You know, the ones who are paying you to play...the working stiffs of ALL colors who are definitely not "equal" to you guys because you're multi-millionaires and they're just 'regular Joes', spending hard-earned money to come and watch a football game so they can have a little fun on the weekend.

    If football players want to show racial "unity" and "equality", let them start by NOT lifting a "Black Power" fist after tackling someone of a different skin color.

    Let them start by standing WITH our military and veterans and not disrespecting our National Anthem and our country.

    Let them 'take a knee' against the racism and violence that's being promoted by ANTIFA and the BLM!

    Or, better yet, let them 'take a knee' IN PRAYERFUL THANKFULNESS that they were NOT born in a Third World country but, instead, born in the USA where they could become millionaires because of a God-Given talent.
  • Brian Davies Added Pelt is wrong. Leftism has poisoned and destroyed the NFL as it has destroyed every single institution in the USA. That is something to be mad about.....
  • Voice of Reason Banned Added This should be ALL over YouTube, but naturally, since YouTube doesn’t give a FUCK about the truth, and neither does the media, I said to hell with it and held my phone up to the TV.

    Bravo Scott Van Pelt. Bravo. Bravo. Hold your lighters high.

    Don’t expect to see this plastered all over tomorrow.

    It makes WAAAAAAY too much sense!