General Michael Flynn on Obama Treason
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General Michael Flynn on Obama Treason


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  • Voice of Reason Banned Added
  • Todd Added Torture ,Rendition, the illegal patriot act, Guantanamo Bay the Nazi Police state is filled with criminal abuse and deceit . The list of crimes are so long they make Sadam Hussain was a price compared to the war criminals in POWER. Sadam was HUNG until dead for .008% of what BUSH and Cheney have done and they go unpunished. This is a Bullshit argument for dumb down idiots. Its very clear these men are guilty of war crimes with total impunity . 911 is now a Proven crime, a false flag to justify the invasion of 7 countries according to Gen. Westley Clark your all war criminals with impunity. el-orchestrated-911-attacks-2457578.html
  • Todd Added Russia: Evidence Proves US, UK And Israel Orchestrated 9/11 Attacks !! You invaded 7 countries illegally thru false flag war. Your a war criminal . ael-orchestrated-911-attacks-2457578.html
  • Todd Added Since most of the existing court was loaded up with Obama and Clinton appointees, the only chance we had to preserve our Constitution was with Scalia and the powers that be knew it. THIS IS FALSE FLAG SLANDER, and murder and these infiltrators of our govnernment should be arrested, tried, and if convicted hanged by the neck until dead. The Shadow war criminals in power are above all laws.
  • Norman Added The interviewer is obviously pro-Iranian, pro-Obama, anti-American... General Flynn lacks the knowledge of the Obama mindset...