Sandy Hook Crisis Actor Playing FBI SWAT
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Sandy Hook Crisis Actor Playing FBI SWAT


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Sandy Hook Crisis Actor Playing FBI SWAT

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  • Nate Added OMG and at 17:29 he's carrying it by the magazine! For non-gun people that is the only readily detachable part of the weapon. No one who had ever even shot an AR would ever carry it by the mag. Ridiculous.
  • Nate Added I think it is worth mentioning that the clip around 12:00 of Wheeler walking shows him carrying the AR by the TRIGGER HOUSING. As a former military and maritime le officer, I can tell you that without a doubt that any law enforcement officer with any training would NEVER NEVER NEVER carry a rifle in this manner pointed behind him by the FREAKING trigger housing.
  • David Perry Added This video was terrible. How can I refer someone to this video when it is FULL of speculation and nonsense? The first 8 minutes were AWFUL. You don't OPEN with speculation because that will make everyone who doesn't already believe it immediately leave the video. It took 9 minutes for you to produce your first piece of evidence. Then you go on for over TEN MINUTES showing Wheeler dressed as SWAT in different shots at the school. WHO CARES? The first time you showed him dressed in SWAT it was mind blowing, the 50th time you showed him it was ANNOYING. Also, your rambling about him not having his guns was just pointless and idiotic. Unless you have FACTUAL EVIDENCE and a good POINT to pointing out him not having his guns, DONT bring it up. Stick to the FACTS. It will make the videos shorter which will in turn make them more attractive to watch and easier to refer people to.
  • Oliver Added This video is abhorrent.
    I can't believe that anyone would produce such astronomical bull***.

    The police state comes as a result of rigid & paranoid gun enthusiasts, that can't see the mature, rational logic behind gun registry. Nobody wants to take your guns away. Although everyone, sane enough to not hold bias and contrived arguments, wants guns inaccessible to people that should not have them.
  • Debugger Added LOL "sungl***es" has a donkey in the middle which is being censored. Fix your *** i n g censor filter!
  • the Diggity Added Wheeler is far too eloquent in his speech for that to come from some "parent". Also, FBI Wheeler is carrying 3 weapons at one point; a side arm (plus multiple magazines in vest, an AR15 type rifle, and a sniper type rifle. Seems like he would only have one rifle or the other, and his side arm disappears at some point. And as someone else said the way he handles weapons tells you they know nothing about weapons- the AR15 is constantly pointing in an unsafe direction. To the trained eyed, epic fail.
  • Diana Added There's an occult aspect to this shooting of small children by the Thugs-in-Charge who have hijacked America. Seeing "news" stories about murdered children forces the public to "participate" in a black magic ritual of child sacrifice.
    The One Percent of Criminal Central Banksters (the Rothschild-Rockefeller Cabal) and their Shabez Goyim (Bush, Clinton, Obama . . . ) who tyrannize the world are pedophiles and Satanists; they worship Baal.
    Why do the jjudeomasonic police, military and fbi collude in these mockeries of justice -- this blatant treason?
  • cp3 Added ps wheeler also needs the chin strap to his gi Joe helmet to hide his Kirk Dougl*** chin dimple!
  • cp3 Added Love the Nicholson sungl***es for his Clark Kent disguise!
  • BenDover Banned Added that is how they will try to get the pullin on the heart stringz of the ppl who r dead asleep!!!!