Time's Up!! Obama’s Third Term FEMA 2016 Martial Law Disaster! Time's Up! Time's Up!
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Time's Up!! Obama’s Third Term FEMA 2016 Martial Law Disaster! Time's Up! Time's Up!


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Added by Christopher Watson in Alternative


Time is up. We are in the "Year of Light" and the full ushering in of the Antichrist System. Immediate preparations are needed for those born again in Jesus the Messiah.

Barack Obama's third term is, quite simply, not difficult to accomplish. It takes one declaration: martial law, to suspend the Constitution and usher in a provisional government. There is evidence a classified plan has existed for several decades about suspending the U.S. Constitution in a time of national disaster and setting up the "continuity of government" (i.e. provisional governance). A provisional government is NOT accountable to the U.S. Constitution, nor would it be accountable to the Posse Comitatus Act (also remember the Posse Comitatus does not apply to several branches of the U.S. military already). This act is not strong enough to prevent a martial scenario under Constitutional rights, let alone under a provisional government where citizens no longer have Constitutional rights).

We have been warned by several people that not only is an Obama third term and U.S. presidential election 2016 cancellation a real threat, but that Obama IS INTENTIONALLY TAKING STEPS TO ENSURE HE WILL HAVE A THIRD TERM. Specifically, four individuals including Ben Carson, Allen West, Larry Nichols, and Senator Chris Murphy have made suggestions about a martial law scenario breaking out under Barack Obama. Ben Carson said that he believed Obama could cancel the election under wide-spread anarchy, while Allen West said that Obama wants a third term and was making maneuvers to secure a third term. Larry Nichols has mentioned that a FEMA provisional government is waiting to be implemented. Nichols' claim is supported by a Congressional hearing in which Congressman Jack Brooks pressed Oliver North about the "continuity of government" (provisional governance) during a time of national disaster and a suspension of the Constitution. And lastly, Chris Murphy spoke out against his own party leader (Obama), declaring that a bill fast-tracked through the Senate back in January 2016 grants Obama the ability to use the U.S. military to martial anywhere in the world at any time for any reason, including inside the United States. Why would Mitch McConnell fast-track a bill authorizing Obama international martial capabilities? This bill was supposedly to "fight" ISIS, except if you read and understand the bill, it has nothing to do with ISIS. This bill appears to be about the future conflict that is coming, an outbreak of chaos inside the United States and throughout the world. In such a situation, the U.S. military will function in a martial capacity.

We have heard recently several leaders, including Obama, Governors Kate Brown, Jerry Brown, and Jay Inslee of Oregon, California, and Washington states respectively, have openly called for people to store up food and water, have an "escape route" and have a emergency contact list. Simultaneously, several of Canada's leaders have also issued warnings of an imminent event. Just last month students in Albert were told to "be ready" for a climate catastrophe, while British Colombia is prepping for the Cascadia Subduction zone to "blow," causing a 9.0+ Earthquake and tsunami. Why are they all now saying this? Is something coming?

If something is coming, then I am ready. I want to encourage all people to believe Jesus as the Messiah. Time is now up.

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  • dave Added Mr. Obama, the handsome and powerful former President, had all his ducks in order to take over the country but he didn't finish. Can you imagine millions of people, mostly white, having their guns taken from them by hostile removal and then imprisoned for the sole reason that they don't agree with him? All he had to do was declare martial law and suspend the election and he would have LEGALLY continued on for his third term. I wonder why he didn't do it!